Since the beginning of the activity, we decided to turn only our own grapes into wine in order to have a homogeneous qualitative level of the grapes.

The vineyards cover an area of ​​less than 3 ha, the soil is of marble-clay origin, the exposure is south-west and the average age of the vineyards is 30 years except for a small part planted in 1969.

The cultivated vines are the traditional ones of the territory: Barbera, Croatina (red berry), Aromatic Malvasia of Candia (white berry).

We do not perform deep soil tillage, as since 1991 we have been practicing inter-row grassing with two grass clippings a year.

The works of pruning, green pruning, tying shoots and shoots, thinning the bunches are carried out manually as well as harvesting the grapes in small 20Kg boxes.

To protect from diseases we prefer using cuprous cover and sulfur products, we do not use herbicides of any kind.