L’ATTESA. Waiting for the Wine


In 1993 I managed to produce a small amount of Barbera but it turned out to be enormously rich and concentrated.

I understood that the turning point had come and for the first time I had the chance to refine my wine in a new wooden barrel, it was a 3.5 hl by Gamba.

The raw material was so rich and tannic that I left the wine for 24 months in the barrel.

“L’Attesa” means “the wait”, and it comes exactly from this long wait.

Acid, austere, long-lived beyond all my expectations, this wine obtained from pure Barbera requires a long refinement even in the bottle to express its best qualities, this is something that I have learned over the years.

For this reason to those who come to visit us or have a first approach with this wine I offer old bottles, to give the measure of the complexity and the duration of this wine that has become our symbol.