Danza del sole, Malvasia passito

wines-malvasia-danza-del-soleIn 2002 I decided to reconsider the small quantity of Malvasia produced in the vineyard, this is how the Dance of the Sun was born.

With a long and meticulous work we gently pick the bunches of Candia malvasia that look beautiful to our eyes, then we spread them in the sun and bring them to withering.

After about twenty days we squeeze these golden berries in a vertical press, in the softest way possible, and the yield is minimal, about 30%.

After a long and complex fermentation in a used tonneaux of 350l, after filtration and a small addition of sulfur we bottle our Malvasia in 50cl bottles strictly made of transparent glass, to bring out the amber color of the wine.

It is a very complex meditation wine but with an excellent balance.

  • Bottles produced: around 900
  • Grapes: 100% Aromatic Malvasia of Candia
  • Harvest: manual in small boxes
  • Yield q/ha: 30
  • Yeasts: not selected
  • Aging: 3,5 hl tonneaux + bottle
  • First year produced: 2002