My name is Gaetano Solenghi, and this is also the name of my winery, because I identify a lot in my wines.

I was not born as a winemaker: my parents had a haberdashery in Pianello Val Tidone, which still lives in the hands of my brother. The vineyard was a beautiful and precious gift from my aunt Maria Teresa who had it grown by an elderly wage earner.

I learned the rudiments from him in the mid-eighties, it is a baggage of ancient wisdom passed down verbally from the peasant culture.

In the early nineties I had to decide whether to sell the grapes or produce wine. It was a hard choice to make because I wanted my wine to be different from the typical model of Val Tidone, characterized by sparkling reds.

So I bought my first barrel, it marked the first of the wines that I felt mine as well as the spirit of the following ones.

The vineyard is less than 3 hectares and has not enlarged since then. It cointans parts that can boast more than 40 harvests.

My son Nicola and I manage it autonomously in a largely manual way, so that we can monitor every step of the supply chain, from pruning to bottling.

What makes me proud is that our wines are the daily result of the work of our hands.